We all know Ranu Mondal by now, the overnight singing sensation. After the video of her singing ‘Ek Pyaar ka nagma hai’ at Ranaghat railway station in Kolkata went viral, she was immediately signed up by Himesh Reshammiya and she recorded three songs with him.

She has been on reality TV shows and all over the internet since she was ‘discovered’. She is going viral again now, and this time it’s not for a good reason and not for any fault of hers either. 


One of the many things that I have not been able to understand the citizens of India is their obsession with fairness. It is the mother of all ironies that, being the country of mostly brown people that have set fairness as a beauty standard. This idea has also been explored in the recently released movie Bala.

Bhumi Pednekar plays the role of a dark-skinned girl who represents people who have to face bullying, criticism and rejection because of their colour, in INDIA. We are not whites and we are still racists. This obsession with colour is very visible in the make up industry and beauty products too. 

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We have Fair and Lovely, because being dark-skinned is apparently ugly and in the name of foundation range, big brands have like ten shades of colour. 

Images of Ranu Mondal, caked with ‘fair’ makeup have become a butt of jokes on Twitter with people questioning Bollywood’s obsession with fairness, through memes. Images from her ‘initial’ days show her to be a dark-skinned person and we cannot understand why is there a need to cake her face to make it appear what it is not. Makeup is supposed to make people look pretty but they way Ranu Mondal has been ‘made up’ has had people compare her to The Nun. 


It is unfair to her to become a butt of jokes for something she probably did not ask for, it is more the fault of the makeup artist who turned Ranu Mondal into an unrecognizable doll. 

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