Once a strong and healthy cane harvester attached to the Diamond Sugar Estate, Latchman Mangal of Lot 19 Second Street, Windsor Forest, is now bed ridden and seeking the public’s assistance in getting a kidney transplant.

A bedridden Latchman Mangal
His wife, Shanta Mangal, told Kaieteur News that her husband fell sick a few weeks ago and his health has been ever declining.
“He use to trouble with one-one sick but only till like three weeks ago, he tek in with fever, vomiting and breathing complications.”
Mangal’s wife stated that they rushed him to the West Demerara Regional Hospital and after several tests and exams were done, doctors relayed the saddening news, the man lost function in one of his kidneys and will not be able to survive without it.
“They tell we seh he one kidney ain’t good and that it affecting he liver and other parts in he body…Monday them discharge he and he tek in the same night again so they give he medicine and seh they can’t do nothing more fuh he.”
According to the distraught woman, before her husband fell sick, he was an upbeat and hardworking man who took pleasure in providing for his family.
“He was always smiling and gaffing and use to wuk hard for mine we and it hard now cause Christmas near and we can’t afford surgery for him, we need the help.
“For the past weeks, he going down lower and lower, he can’t eat, nothing staying down when he try either.”
Persons desirous of assisting the family can contact Shanta on telephone number 269-0492.

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