Local singing sensation, ‘RAP Anna’, 11, uses music to inspire followers across social media

 With COVID-19 causing major lockdowns and complications across the globe, a confident 11-year-old has decided to use her musical talent as a tool of inspiration and lifting the spirit of others during the depressing era.

Under the moniker ‘Rap Anna,’ the young artiste, named Annalise Esther Azeez, is fast becoming a local pop sensation. With the help of her supportive parents, the 11-year-old rapper released her first single, “Unstoppable”, on social media platforms including Youtube, last Friday. Just one listen to her song, one can tell that RAP Anna has the potential to inspire almost anyone with her message.
When Guyana News Agency caught up with the youngster, she shared that she started out by using her time under quarantine to create rap lyrics and spread short messages of hope to her followers on her TikTok and other social media accounts. She said at first, she just had a few videos and later she ventured into the full production of songs and lyrics.
“I started with making a few beats on my Ipad and then just added a few words to go with it,” she said. RAP Anna’s musical gift should come as no surprise since she is the daughter of Guyanese singer/ songwriter, Anil Azeez, who is known for his chutney-infused gospel single, “In Jesus meh can’t die.”
The young rapper was born in Trinidad and Tobago and spent most of her life in the Twin Island, before her parents Anil and Lisa decided to return to Guyana to conduct business four years ago.
Since then, the young artiste has been attending school and focusing on advancing her rap/music career. She tells this publication that her love for the genre of music comes from the admiration she holds for singers like Nicki Minaj and Jason Derulo.
The youngster told this publication that she was also inspired by her parent’s hardworking attitude and their drive to never give up.
With that, she decided that write “Unstoppable” because she wants to let children in not only Guyana, but the world, know that they can accomplish anything they want and that they are unstoppable and should remain confident in all their ventures. The aspiring superstar revealed that she is working to release a few other singles this year.
Last November, RAP Anna, was featured in the music video ‘Beautiful Guyana’ alongside her father. Her mother, Lisa told this publication, that ever since that exposure, her daughter decided to venture off into her own music.
Meanwhile, when asked about his daughter’s musical path, Mr. Azeez said that he is beyond proud, and hopes that she keeps up the brilliant work. Outside of rapping, the upcoming artiste also enjoys vlogging and posting videos on YouTube. With the release of her new single, RAP Anna has already received a lot of positive feedback from family and friends. She calls the experience “amazing so far”.

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