My name is John, I have a girlfriend whom I have dated for 1yr. Recently she left me just because I don’t have enough money to cater for her needs, but just last week I won a visa lottery to Canada to go and work in one of the Canadian company for 4yrs and am permitted to go with any of my family members if I wish. The good news spread everywhere that John has won a visa lottery to Canada. When my girlfriend heard about it, she called me and was begging me to accept her back and also carry her along while traveling to Canada and I was short of words because I don’t know what to say. Not only her many people that forgot me started calling me and congratulating me.
I really thank God for this blessing and Favour upon my life. .
For you reading this story now, I don’t know your needs,
I don’t know how many people that have left or disappointed you in life but if you can type AMEN, SHARE and believe in it, before the end of this year 2019, people that forgot you will remember you for good, your friends will wish to be like you and the world will celebrate your testimony. .

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