A police sergeant shakes the hands of visually impaired Mr. Greenidge while his wife Ruth stands in the background

78 Year old Laurie Greenidge and his 60 year old wife Ruth Bart, both visually impaired had complaint bitterly that the police were not taking action into matters they have been raising.


The couple who resides at Lot 2081 Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara received a visit from ranks whose purpose was to investigate the issue of police inaction on issues which the two visually impaired senior citizens were complaining about.

The police and men at work on the stairs

It was while at the house that ranks of the Guyana Police Force found that the stairway to the home of the couple was a clear threat to life and limb.

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Outside of that, the couple would have to use that same stairs whenever they needed to venture downstairs from their home.

As a consequence, the Divisional Commander was briefed on the situation and a plan of action was put in place.


The sergeant and other ranks of the Diamond Police station were tasked with effecting repairs to the stairway for the elderly couple and that was promptly completed along with assistance from persons from the business sector in the area.


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