Karisma Kapoor aka the beloved Lolo of the Kapoor Khandaan was an A-list actress during the 90s, the actress who got debuted ‘Prem Kaidi’ became a household name in a very short span of her career. But after Karisma’s marriage with Sanjay Kapur, she left the showbiz. 

The couple had two kids and rumours were making a buzz in the market that their marriage is getting worsened with time. And yes, the rumors were true as the couple accepted to live separate lives.


Be that as it may, by 2012, the discussion in B-town and Delhi’s circles was about the end of Kapoor-Kapur marriage. Furthermore, in 2014, they filed a mutual petition of separation.

Karisma Kapoor blamed Sanjay Kapur for physical brutality. The actress was on the top of her acting career when she wedded Sanjay Kapur. But unfortunately things ended and now the custody of their kids is with Karisma Kapoor.

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Karisma had also uncovered in an interview that “Sanjay used to examine my yearly costs with his sibling. Not just this, he had even told his mom to slap me as I had not worn a dress gifted by them. Sanjay just got hitched to me since I was one of the most popular stars of that time.”

She further included, “When we headed for a vacation, Sanjay had even forced me to spend a night with his companions. Sanjay used to hit me and I used to conceal the scars by applying makeup. At the point when things went terrible, I had no alternative left yet to record a police complaint. “



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