…says high levels of professional and commitment were demonstrated during his admission 

By Svetlana Marshall


Even as he professed God’s greatness, former A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance

For Change (APNU+AFC) Member of Parliament, Mervin Williams applauded the medical team at the Infectious Disease Hospital at Liliendaal for their exemplary service.


Williams spoke with Village Voice News on Monday following his release from the hospital after spending almost one month there battling the Coronavirus (COVID-19). He was among those in the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

In recent weeks, the nurses and doctors at the Infectious Disease Hospital have come in for scorching criticism over the quality of service being provided but Williams, on Monday, had vastly different reviews of the operations at Liliendaal.

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“That hospital has the best team of young medical professionals. They care; they go beyond the call of duty, they work with you, they are the best,” Williams told this publication even as he continues to recover at home.

According to him, Guyana would be a better place if persons replicate the high level of professionalism displayed by the medical team at the Infectious Disease Hospital. “If this country had professionals, young professionals like the doctors, nurses, and support team of the COVID hospital in every institution in this country, Guyana would have been a first world country,” he posited.


The former MP said like him, other patients received much-needed care and medical attention. “I thank the doctors and the nurses from the bottom of my heart, not just because they attended to me but because they treated everyone like family, they reached out, they called your relatives, they spoke with you,” he explained.
“May God continues to bless, guide, inspire and protect them as they take care of our nation’s health,” he prayed.

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Williams also expressed thanks to those who have been praying for him and offering support.


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