One group of Guyanese can’t shake the experiences meted out by a brutal leader who sanctioned; 1) extrajudicial killings of their sons. 2) drug trafficking. 3) money laundering. 4) police torture. 5) murder of protesters. 6) imprisonment of political enemies 7) murder of political enemies 8) police ramming batons up people’s asses and shooting off children’s legs and shooting into children’s mouths 8) police murder of college students coming home from a basketball game. 9) massive racial discrimination. 10) massive corruption. 11) ineptitude… 12) abuse of the press

The other group are mostly ethnic supremacists and anti-AfroGuyanese activists who believe they are intellectually superior to AfroGuyanese leaders and therefore entitled to lead Guyana. It’s that simple. They claim democracy but with few exceptions, none of them lamented the PPPC’s egregious abuses.

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Right thinking people of Guyana must protect our democracy, our country, our citizens, our children, our future from corruption and abuses by the evil, narcissistic Bharrett Jagdeo and the hapless Ali fellow . Today the evil one is promising to mete out punishment (when he gains power), to media, business people and private citizens who oppose him today. Welcome to democracy in Guyana. Bharrat Jagdeo is a psycho! Those who support him are power hungry racists who are willing to gamble with the future of Guyanese citizens. Conveniently, they have all remained silent in the face of the evil one’s recent threats. They have now exposed themselves to be charlatans and certainly no lovers of democracy.


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