Conditional Cash Transfers, job creation promised in Coalition 2020 manifesto

The APNU+AFC coalition will be making available Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT) and avenues for job creation as it moves forward in the continuation of the “good life.”


The Coalition’s 2020 elections manifesto was launched today. Contained, is a blueprint that will ensure the ‘good life’ for all in a safe, stable and secure state.

With proceeds from the oil and gas industry, the Coalition promises conditional cash transfers for nutritional, housing, public transport and a single-parent support programme. It will see the delivery of vouchers for day-care and elder-care services, adult remedial classes and training; increased stipends for students attending Technical Institutes, nursing schools, school of Home Economics and the Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA).

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Cash transfers will also be made through the Public Education Assistance Service (PEAS) and for the purchase of essential items.

In its quest towards increasing opportunities for the youth, the reelected coalition will also develop innovation and entrepreneurship training programmes for youths to enhance their ability to develop and earn a good living.


The Coalition will also continue to provide scholarships for youths, with special focus on science, technology, engineering and the medical sciences; create a dynamic and computerized National Employment Data Bank, so youths could see available job opportunities and thereby apply.

It will also provide job-skills and life-skills training for all secondary school and technical institute students during their final year; engage the private sector with to increase the number of internships granted annually to youths, among others.

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The Coalition intends to also increase focus on economic diversification through the implementation of a national export and investment strategy targeting agri-businesses, aquaculture, mining, forestry, tourism and other high, value-added services

It will also ensure maximum use of farm produce to supply all of the food provided to vulnerable groups and students under the Public Education Nutrition Service (PENS) and will expedite the land application process for small farmers.


“Start-up packages” will be distributed to youths and others who wish to start farming. These packages would include seeds, seedlings, young plants, animals, fertilizer, spray-can, hand-tools and breeding animals.

The new administration will also ensure job retention by optimizing the country’s sugar industry for the production of sugar for the Caribbean market, for the beverage and other industries and co-generating electricity for the national grid.

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In his manifesto message, His Excellency President David Granger said the blueprint details the Coalition’s programme aimed at good governance, reducing inequality, maximising employment, attracting greater investment, diversifying the economy and reducing crime, disease, ignorance and poverty.


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