There were no reported hiccups in the Upper Demerara- Upper Berbice Region as hundreds of ranks turned up to the various polling stations very early in the morning to cast their ballots on Friday.

There are in total 680 ranks who registered to vote in the region for this year’s regional and general elections.


By midday on Friday,ranks from the outlying polling stations that were located at the  Ituni, Kwakwani and Aroaima stations voted while five out of six ranks voted at Mabura.

At the Mackenzie Police Station,166 ranks were registered to cast their ballots. By midday 116 of these ranks voted.


At the Wismar Police Station, 59 ranks were registered at the Wismar Police Station and 41 cast their votes by midday.The ranks attached to the Linden Fire Station, also voted on Friday, while ranks of the Guyana Defence Force assigned in the region casted their ballots at Base Camp Seweyo on the Linden Soesdyke Highway.


Commander of the Region Ten Division, Hugh Winter, was on the ground at the opening of polls, visiting the polling stations in Linden, ensuring the ranks are able to exercise their franchise unhindered. He also set the example, being one of the first ranks to cast his vote.


Winter also related that the process was smooth and there were no reports of hiccups. Only ranks that chose not to vote because of religious and other reasons did not vote. One rank was unable to cast her vote at Mabura because she is pregnant and will do so on March 2nd. “The process is smooth in Region Ten, there was no problem, no reported incidence,” he said.

Winter said that all systems are in place to provide the needed security on elections day. “March 2nd we are on top of our game, we are ready,” the Commander said.

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While there are 65 polling stations across Region Ten, there are 122 ballot boxes to be secured and ranks have already been assigned to these boxes while others will perform general duties to ensure the Election Day atmosphere in Region Ten remains peaceful and crime free. The over 8,000 members of the Disciplined Services and 83 non-resident electors are set to cast their votes today ahead of the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections.


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