The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) notes that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and its dishonest Presidential Candidate are making false promises to the people of Guyana; after having 23 years in Government to better the lives of the people of Guyana and failed to do so.

In response to President David Granger and the APNU+AFC successes in every sector in the last four years, the PPP is promising all sorts of things that they cannot deliver because they are incompetent and corrupt and will squander Guyana’s resources rather than invest in the people and the development of our country.

The political hypocrites are now promising to restore the Joint Services bonus, provide free university education (after 5 years) and cheap house lots.

Let it be known, that what the PPP is calling a Joint Service bonus, is a scheme that was devised by them to divide public servants by giving all of them low wages while giving a one month salary to the Joint Service so that they felt contented. Meanwhile, they were busy colluding with drug lords, criminalising the state and starving the same Joint Services of the training, resources and renumeration necessary to maintain law and order. The Coalition government has reversed that trend. Our Joint Services are now better equipped, better trained and better paid to serve and protect the people of Guyana. Thanks to the APNU+AFC, we live in a safer and freer Guyana.

In keeping with their dishonest DNA, the PPP never admitted that the so-called bonus was bogus. In the first place, the salaries of the Joint Services like all other public servants were kept shamefully low. While the end of year payout had the appearance of the recipient doing better, the fact is they were not.

What the PPP conveniently failed to explain to members of the Joint Services was that when you get a bonus, your salaries do not go up and in the long term, you will be worse off, since your pension and other benefits do not go up with a bonus. Pensions and allowances only go up with increase wages and salaries. The PPP therefore conned the Joint Services and wants to continue their con game. We will not allow that to happen! Under the APNU+AFC, the Joint Service will continue to receive real increases in wages, salaries, allowances and better working conditions.

Under this APNU+AFC government, members of the Joint Services can now look forward to a better life after retirement. Members of the Joint Services are now better off since they have higher salaries and as a result will have higher pensions and other benefits.

Salaries for Junior ranks in the services have increased by more than sixty percent and all ranks have benefited from significant increases in wages and payments; and their take-home pay is much more than what it was under the PPP.

With the 2019 salary increase, announced by President David Granger, members of the Joint Services will be better off, since they will all receive tax-free retroactive payments. Simple mathematics will reveal that all ranks will get more than their monthly salary, which the PPP gave as bonus. This means that our brothers and sister in uniform will be getting more money than they would have gotten under the PPP.

Further, it must be noted that under the PPP, increases were lower which meant that they would have been getting a smaller “bonus” because they were getting a much lower salary than they now receive. In the present situation, they have a higher salary and retroactive tax-free money that is more than they would have ever received under the PPP.

The PNCR wishes to applaud President Granger and the APNU+AFC for promoting and protecting the interest of the Guyanese worker and for eliminating the division that the PPP promoted among public servants. All workers are being treated equally under this government

With a higher threshold and the reduction in personal income tax, our workers real wages and salaries have increased significantly. Guyanese know that Guyana is on the right path and they will therefore return President David Granger and the APNU+AFC to government in 2020.

Another promise made by the PPP that is hypocritical, is the pronouncement that they will return free education to the University of Guyana. It is apposite to note that when the PPP came to power in 1992, education at the University was free. It was the PPP government which got rid of free university education. It is therefore dishonest, hypocritical and barefacedness for the PPP to be making such a promise.

But, even more important, is that the PPP was going to exclude the small man from a university education by removing free tuition without some mechanism to cushion the impact on the poor. It was only as a result of protest and the public outcry that the PPP grudgingly agreed to provide students with loans. It must be the zenith of hypocrisy for them to now be promising a return of free university education. The PPP never had and will never have the university and its students interest at heart. Guyanese will not forget that the PPP starved the University of Guyana of resources and it took President Granger with his deep and sincere interest in education to provide UG with the resources needed so that it is now experiencing significant development. How could the PPP have interest in UG when it allowed the Medical School to lose its accreditation? UG is now an accredited Medical Schools thanks to the APNU+AFC.

Apart from removing free tertiary education and depriving the poor of access to university education, the PPP probably manifested their disdain for helping the poor by refusing to give scholarships to students who wanted to do law. Fortunately for the poor, President Granger and the APNU+AFC have restored their right to scholarships to pursue legal studies so that the children of the poor who want to become lawyers could realize their ambition.

But, probably the greatest manifestation of PPP dishonesty and hypocrisy is their promise to give Guyanese cheaper house lots. Which sensible Guyanese will believe them? Guyanese will not forget that the PPP with its dishonest Housing Minister, Irfaan Ali sold the PPP elite and its friend’s house lots at $144 per square foot while selling poor ordinary Guyanese house lots at $500 per square foot. The PPP elite now lives in their paid for mansions while poor people struggle with heavy mortgages.

Unfortunately for the PPP, Guyanese have gone pass the house lot farce. While we will continue to deal with the 25,000 backlog of house lot applications they left behind, we have been providing houses in communities for many Guyanese.

It should be evident to all Guyanese that the PPP doesn’t care for poor people. The PPP took millions of tax-payers monies to provide Pradoville with all the infrastructure it needed. In contrast, in Parfait Harmony, Farm and other low-income schemes they left those communities without the basics needed to live comfortably. It is this Coalition government that is now providing those communities with water, electricity and proper roads

The PNCR wishes to applaud President David Granger and the APNU+AFC for ensuring our people are getting a better life and much more to hope for. We are convinced that the Guyanese people do not want to return to that PPP’s era of lawlessness and discrimination against the poor. They want to stay on the present path of development. The people are convinced that the PPP’s obsession with getting power is not to serve the people but to enrich themselves.

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