Almost every member of the joint services in the Pomeroon/ Supenaam region, turned up at their respective polling stations yesterday, casting the first set of votes in the 2020 National and Regional Elections.

“Members of the Guyana Police Force proudly display their inked index finger, after voting at the Anna Regina Polling Station.”


The polls opened at 06:00hrs yesterday, and ranks of the Guyana Defence Force [GDF] and the Guyana Police Force [GPF], were already prepared to cast their votes. There were three polling stations across the region that catered for members of the joint services. These polling stations were the Anna Regina, Suddie and Charity police stations.
During the early segment of the day, the polls were crammed with anxious voters. As the day progressed, however, the crowd eventually dwindled.
This publication spoke with the Guyana Elections Commission [GECOM] Region Two Returning Officer, Ms. Roxanne Smith, who explained that members of the joint services are an outstanding example of one exercising his or her right to vote.
She said, “In terms of turn out, there is always a 95% turn out from the joint services, and yesterday’s polling was no different.”
Kaieteur News understands that there were approximately 300 members who were listed to vote. As Ms. Smith said there are cases at times where ranks will not find their names on the voters’ list. She went on to explain that this does not disqualify them from ever voting.
“If a rank’s name is not on the voting list, then he or she will be allowed to vote on March 2,” she said.
The day ended peacefully on the Essequibo Coast, and GECOM’s staff are already gearing up for the next segment of voting, which will be on March 2, 2020.

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