Senior officers from the disciplined services in Berbice led the way early yesterday morning to vote in the regional and general elections 2020. There were reports of the process being hassle free and smooth.

Commader Calvin Brutus after voting


Members of the Guyana Police Force, Guyana Defence Force and the Prison Service streamed into the locations at Central Police Station, Prison Officers Club (New Amsterdam, Whim Police Station and Springlands Police Station) to cast their ballots.
Media operatives who were out early awaiting the arrival of officers, caught up with Regional Commander, Calvin Brutus, minutes after he voted. Brutus, who proudly lifted his finger to show that he had voted, told reporters that the process was smooth.

Udistair Holligan, OFFICER-IN-CHARGE OF THE N/A Prison

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“Persons are not complaining about anything. They waited patiently to cast their ballots and then proceeded to do their regular duties. Those who worked last night will proceed home,” Brutus said.
He said that there were some minor issues as it relates to names being on different lists in the division and out of the division but this, he said, “was facilitated”.
“Systems were put in place to have police transportation available for those who (had) to vote in Georgetown. Those who (had) to vote at different areas around the region were facilitated to do so.”
In addition, the Commander stated that his Division is “quite ready” for E

Ranks lined up at the Central Police Station awaiting their turn to vote.

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lections Day on March 2 since there were extensive training sessions for his ranks.
He noted that while they are not looking to “exhaust the training”, they will continue to execute “refreshers” until E-day.
Brutus added that all security arrangements are in place “so we are covering every aspect of it including boosting the prison security for that period,” he explained.
The Commander highlighted that the riverain areas and on the coastline have persons there with a stand-by public order unit.
“This is a complete unit with full kit and trained already so we are just waiting now on the actual day to roll out.”
Up to press time, lines at the various polling stations had decreased since ranks took the opportunity to vote early. Ranks from the Guyana Fire Service will be voting on March 2.

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