People quarrelling bad because GECOM seh it don’t want to use some private residence as polling places. It use to do that and every time dem had problems.
Some people use to object to outsiders coming in dem house. De story get real big when people start to talk how all de private house that was used as polling places belong to PPP supporters. But that is also wheh de confusion start because people also seh how by not using some of de private houses GECOM reduce de number of polling places.

But de real story is that people vex and dem blaming Lolo Field. Dem claim how he mekking decisions without consulting dem. Dem boys seh de man don’t have to consult nobody. But dem claim that these days, people in de opposition camp want to call de shots.

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To mek a big song and dance about how Lolo Field drop some of dem private residence is like blowing bubbles in a glass of water. Ever since 2015 de Carter Centre talk bout people voting in private residences. That mean dem talk bout people using odda people house as a polling station.
That is something Jagdeo start. He always use to talk bout rigging. Now dem boys want to know if a polling station deh in de house of a candidate fuh a political party, how that gun look? But fuh de 2015 elections that is wha happen. More than two candidates fuh Jagdeo party had dem house as polling stations.

Well that done and de row start. Kit who is de PR man fuh everybody send a statement how he read de Carter Centre report and he ain’t see nutten bout de decision fuh drop private residences.
All he had to do was call de Carter Centre and ask dem if dem ever mek such a suggestion. But people like jump pun any bandwagon.

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Dem boys call de Carter Centre and find this: “in the Center’s preliminary statement on the elections (page 45), released shortly after election day in 2015, the Center did acknowledge the use of private residences as polling places and noted that: GECOM should ensure that citizens can cast their ballot in a neutral environment” (page 77)
Talk half and don’t tek lead up.


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