1.They are following Jagan’s Legacy.

When Dr Jagan and his wife died, Bharat Jagdeo hijacked PPPC, kicked out the real Jaganites and brought in his cronies. Dr Jagan and his wife were humble people, lived modest lives. Bharat and his friends are hustlers, looking at every opportunity to build mansions and get rich.


2.They will make UG free of cost.

UG was free to all Guyanese from the beginning and when PPPC took over, they implemented fees for UG. Loans were granted to students. A special Minister was appointed to be in charge for the collection of the loans. She soon became a multi millionaire.


3. They will remove VAT from certain items.

The PPPC introduced VAT in the first place. This was done so that they can guarantee to the world banks that we have the ability to repay big loans. Loans were granted for major projects ( eg Skeldon Estate project) where the money was mismanaged and looted. Today all the PPPC Ministers are millionaires and Guyanese still have to repay those loans.

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4. They will raise old age pension.

In 2015 , old age pension was only 7500. It was very hard on old people..If PPPC really cared about the people who worked to build Guyana, they would have raised old age pension long ago.Instead, PPPC raised their own pensions.APNU AFC govt, raised the pension to 20,000 in under 5 years.


5. Irfan Ali will be President if they win.

From what we are all seeing, Irfan is just the front man. Bharat Jagdeo is the real leader here. Bharat had bullied Dr Frank Anthony and Anil Nandalall out of the PC race so that he can put Irfan .. Bharat knows he can control Irfan.. What Bharat did not cater for is that Irfan would be exposed as a cheat and a fraud.

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6. The PPPC is winning at the polls.

Figures ,graphs and charts are manufactured by PPPC top supporters ( especially Sasenarine Singh.)which show the PPPC winning. It is designed to confuse the Electorate and create panic within the Coalition camp. It will not work. 1 by 1 people are realising the truth and bonding stronger with the Coalition.


7.They care about the Indigenous peoples.

For sure, if the Indo Guyanese votes were enough to win the Elections, PPPC would not have been campaigning for the Indigenous votes. Indo Guyanese have continued to migrate overseas yearly and so their support base became very weak. For this reason , they seek the Indigenous peoples to back them up. Aa seen before when PPPC were in Govt, they helped a selected group of Indigenous people and ignored the majority. They only want to use the Indigenous peoples and then ignore them after.

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The best and wisest choice is to Vote for APNU AFC. Together we can build Guyana.


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